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Hi, I tried to run the sample Example on eclipse but i failed, I really not sure about the reason my project is clean, my question is if metaio could send me a generated apk file just to test the all the features, I couldn't run it on my device it got crushed and really need to test and show to my company. Thanks a lot

asked 21 Nov '13, 15:39

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It's not necesary, the trouble was with the device, The problem is with Android 2.3.3 , huawey device. But I'm not sure if its by android version or device model. Cheers


answered 21 Nov '13, 16:56

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It depends on the Android version that you define in the manifest if your app is compatible ...

(21 Nov '13, 17:56) christin ♦ christin's gravatar image

Exactly, but in the manifest of sample Example is like: Min sdk: 10 (2.3.3) Target sdk: 18 (4.3)

But, even with that parameters it didn't work, so maybe was the device I guess..

(21 Nov '13, 18:00) Jonatan Jonatan's gravatar image

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