Dear metaio team,

I have tested metaio creator 2.5 since it has been released. I made a junaio channel which contains one texture movie and one fullscreen movie.
After upload to metaio Cloud, I load a channel by junaio 4.6 (iPhone5, iOS6). Texture movie is OK but fullscreen movie fails to play. Its fullscreen player view drop after few minutes loading message.
For comparison, same contents which made by creator 1.0 works well.

Channel #152370, please check my channel and let me know what makes so?


asked 12 Dec '12, 21:16

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It may due to ffmpeg_LGPL. Does anyone know about it?

(16 Dec '12, 20:30) Daisuke Daisuke's gravatar image

Sorry, channel 152370 has been deleted.

(17 Dec '12, 02:25) Daisuke Daisuke's gravatar image


I checked this issue on various OS versions.
As the results, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Mac version of creator 2.5 are OK.
But in Windows XP (SP3), ffmpeg fails to convert source MP4 movie into fullscreen movie. Due to error of ffmpeg, nothing created for fullscreen movie. So fullscreen player disappears at once when target marker is found.

We have to use Windows XP for a while. Are there any workarounds or updates for this issue?

Testing Windows XP environments and installed software are: <du>

  • Windows XP SP3
  • DirectX 9.0 Web setup
  • IE8
  • Windows Media Player 11
  • K-Lite Coded Mega Pach
  • </du> Best,


    answered 13 Dec '12, 00:40

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    To make sure what was happen, I uploaded contents to my server. When I used Windows XP, file size of WWW_ROOT/resources/fullscreen_movies/xxxx...xxxx_videoStream.mp4 was only 44 bytes. I tried same thing from Windows 7, its file size was 1.8MB and it worked. Creator 2.5 no longer support Windows XP?

    (17 Dec '12, 00:31) Daisuke Daisuke's gravatar image

    Yes, I'm sorry but we do not officially support Windowx XP anymore. I would advise to to run the Creator on Windows 7, then. Sorry!

    (18 Dec '12, 04:37) Matthias_Metaio ♦♦ Matthias_Metaio's gravatar image

    Thanks Matthias, I'll use Mac version. It is what I want!

    (18 Dec '12, 04:58) Daisuke Daisuke's gravatar image

    Have you tried to convert the source movie to mp4 outside of Creator? I would use ffmpeg from the command line to try and convert the source to mp4 and see if any errors are produced. That would tell you if there is a problem with the source file.


    answered 17 Dec '12, 01:14

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    Dear ColinF,

    Thank you for your advice.

    I have used the mp4 file since metaio creator 1.1. If I use ffmpeg_LGPL.exe from command line using batch below, there is no error. But from Creator 2.5, convert error occurs. I put screen shot at . Only in Windows XP, Windows 7 works fine. How do I do to solve the issue? I need assistance.

    CONV.BAT "C:Program FilesmetaioCreator 2.5 Demoffmpeg_LGPL.exe" -i %1 -r 20 -vcodec mpeg4 -b 840k -s 176x144 -aspect 16:9 -an %1.3g2 -acodec libfaac -ab 48k -ar 22050

    (17 Dec '12, 02:23) Daisuke Daisuke's gravatar image

    Did you try from command line on ALL of those OS (XP, Win7, Win8)? If the movie converted from command line on XP but it fails from Creator on XP, then I would check the name of the file. Are there are any non English characters in it? I think that is not supposed to be a problem in the new Creator but maybe it is in this case?

    (17 Dec '12, 02:42) ColinF ColinF's gravatar image

    Ahh, sorry! I see from your screenshot the file name is all English characters. Hmmm. I am not sure what the problem might be :) Can you try it on a different XP machine and get the same error?

    (17 Dec '12, 02:43) ColinF ColinF's gravatar image

    I checked again using Creator 2.5.1. ffmpeg_LGPL.exe causes an error during converting in Windows XP and Windows 8. Event if metaio's sample movie which is included in tutorial_04_video_resources. It seems that it works well only in Windows 7.

    (18 Dec '12, 02:29) Daisuke Daisuke's gravatar image
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